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The A-level Maths App

Interactive learning on any device

The intelligent platform for learning, teaching, and assessing maths. Our interactive learning materials cover all A-Level topics with conceptual clarity, examples, and summaries.

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Features You’ll Love

Intelligent Questions

Advanced maths testing with strong formula support, giving instant feedback and analytics.

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Live Graphs

Interactive graphs which build up step by step and make hard concepts easy.

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Interactive Textbook

Comprehensive learning material with clear, insightful explanations from Cambridge academics.

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A Complete Resource

  • Lessons covering all topics
  • Reinforce problem areas
  • Extras to explore further

Engaging Learning

  • Videos, problems, and graphs
  • Software finds your level
  • Learn how maths has shaped the world

A Solid Foundation

  • Multiple ways to understand each idea
  • More understanding, less rote learning


Auto-Marked Homework

  • Track performance
  • Support for formulas, not just multiple choice
  • Create your questions or use ours
  • Relevant material on hand for students

Bring Students up to Speed

  • Assign material before class
  • Identify areas of weakness

Cater for Advanced Students

  • Offer Further Maths
  • Bridge the gap to university

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