Getting Started with MathSpire: tips for students

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New to the MathSpire app? Here are some tips to get you going…

1) Use your favourite device

You can use the same login on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Do you prefer your phone because it’s always on hand so you can easily dip into your maths notes on the bus on the way to school? Do you prefer to separate work from play, and sit down with your laptop to work through the interactive textbook or some practice questions? You can choose what works best for you.

2) Search

Use the ‘search’ tab to find topics quickly. You can filter by lessons, graphs, and question sets.

How do you normally find the notes you need when it comes to Maths revision? Do you find yourself rifling through a million and one pages in your folders or exercise books? Pulling out a heavy textbook, and flicking through the contents and index? MathSpire’s search tab takes you straight to where you want to go. No more faffing around!

3) Play around

Experiment with interactive graphs! Drag points and change table values to see how the diagram changes.

MathSpire’s interactive graphs respond to you in real time so that you can grasp how complex functions change as you vary the inputs. They’re pretty, but they’re effective visual learning aids too – make the most of them!

4) Ask for help

Tap the blue lightbulb icon to receive a hint. If you’re stuck on a question in a worked example or in a question set, you can click on the hint button to get some help and keep trying.

Tap the flag icon to show the solution. If you’ve tried everything you can, you can click the flag icon to reveal the solution, which will give you the correct answer, and explain how you get there.

5) Talk to us!

Email us any time at We’re here to help with any technical doubts or difficulties, and we love to listen to your comments and suggestions – so please whizz us a message!

MathSpire Team

MathSpire Team

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