Summatic for Schools

Summatic’s smart resources help teachers to focus on what they do best – teaching.

Administrative burdens, time pressure, and uninspiring resources make teaching a more daunting task than it should be. Summatic’s automated questions simplify the homework process and our interactive resources help students leap from the concrete to the abstract.


Automated Question Bank

Select from our comprehensive bank of questions to create your homework. Our system gives a full range of maths question types, with full syllabus coverage. And it system marks answers – formulas, equations, graphs, and more – instantly and reliably.

Instant Feedback and Reporting

Reviewing your students’ progress has never been easier. You can see detailed question-by-question analytics on individual student performance. View students’ incorrect answers and lines of working to identify common mistakes.


Complete Resources

Our interactive textbook promotes active learning. Designed by Cambridge academics, our live graphs make hard concepts easier to understand. You can assign material for students to engage with before class or leave them to explore.

Unlimited Practice

Unlimited practice, with comprehensive questions on all topics. Students get instant feedback on their lines of working, and can try new randomizations of questions until they are confident.

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