Version 0.9.5 of the A Level maths app is now available for download from the App Store and the Windows Store.



Release Notes


This release includes features that will only be available to school accounts as part of our Pilot program. If your institution is interested in accessing these features for free for a limited time, registration for the pilots is still ongoing. Contact us with any inquiries.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the Beta version of the app, which includes A Level maths lessons, tests, and interactive graphs.

Beta Testing Updates:
  • New lessons and tests!
  • More audio for existing lecture videos.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Pilot Features Preview:
  • Users assigned Admin status for their institution can invite registered users as Teachers or Students of their institution.
  • Teachers have the ability to:
    • Create classes and populate these with registered Students.
    • Search through and preview existing questions to create custom tests and assign these to a class.
    • Search through, preview, and edit pre-made tests and assign these to a class.
    • View students’ test progress.
  • New features added to this release:
    • Search linked in Assignment view. It is now easier to assign existing tests to a class.
    • Student view is trimmed to show only features relevant to students.
    • Results view added. Teachers can now see each attempt a student made for each question by clicking the score.
    • Delete test enabled. Teachers can now delete tests they have created.

Enjoy the beta!